Achieve the elo you always wanted!
The most common question is what will happen in my Coaching lesson?!
Every session is unique and adjusted to the student. After a short analysis we will give you everything you need to know to improve!
We do mostlikely one (or more) of the following methods: DuoQ, Replayanalysis, 1on1 in a custom, vocallessons or Teamcoachings.

If you are unsure what to take or how many hours you need, just contact our Support and we will give you our best advise.


We answer all your questions and you will receive highly valuable tipps on how to improve gameplay. We will use DuoQ, Replays and 1on1.
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Specially trained Coach will show you how to escape low elo. That's perfect for players between Unranked and Diamond5.

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You will get coached regularly for one month and you will have your coach allways ready to ask everything. Best choice for an incredible Skill-Boost - Your friends will not recognize you.
Introductory discount:
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That's how it works

1. Choose the service you want in our order-tool or contact us for your individual consultation and order via Skype, Email, LiveChat or WhatsApp.

2. After the Payment is done you will get to our "Order-Confirmation"-Page. There you can send us everything we need to know, to start your Boost. Roles, Account Info, Start date..

3. We will start your order immediately. If you want us to start on a specific date - no problem! Just tell us when to start.

4. We will contact you as soon as your order is complete.

5. If you have any problems, contrary to our expectations, contact us immediately and we try to fix it.

Banktransfer, Skrill, Bitcoin and PSC-Payment is only possible after talking to our support